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UGS is a portable system designed to send SMS messages and data to GSM phones in a pre-defined area.

Unlike existed advertisement systems
UGS sends normal or flash SMS instead of broadcast messages (receipt of broadcast messages can be disabled by mobile phone user);
UGS is an independent stand-alone system, which does not require any cooperation with cellular operators.
UGS does not use phone numbers of mobile phones, hence there is no need in the lists of phone numbers to be obtained from various sources. Those lists are often not complete, outdated, irrelevant and costly.

The UGS can be used for commercial or security purposes:
Send commercial advertisements, announcements, free gift coupons, useful information or welcome messages in specific places: shopping areas, banks, restaurants, train or bus stations, exhibitions, shows, etc.
Send warning messages or requests to the people in the case of emergency.
Send messages with the request to contact police to potential crime witnesses in the crime areas.

SMS messages can be sent:
To New in the Area or
To Known in the Area or
To pre-defined groups or
To everyone,

The UGS can be installed in a fixed location or carried to the places of need in a small, hand carry suitcase.

Potential users of the system are small stores, large organizations, advertisement providers, rescue services, police forces and others.

System can be operated locally or remotely via the Internet.

SMS sent by the system are free of charge; neither owner of the system nor mobile phone users pay for them.
The system is comprised of compact Base Station Unit and notebook computer. Because of unique sophisticated algorithm implemented in the system, the UGS transmits very low power and does not interfere with existed GSM networks.

User can define any phone number or name of the sender, which will appear on the screens of mobile phones.

Main specifications:
Frequency coverage: 850, 900, 1800, 1900 MHz

Number of SMS: No limitations

Number of handsets: No limitations

System output: From 10mW up to 10w  (adjustable)

Power: 220V / 110V / 24V / 12-16V or Batteries

Operation Range: 10...1500 m

SMS language: All languages